Content Solutions

AJ Bell Media is in a unique position to handle all content requirements covering a broad range of projects from tailored stock market news and data content, newsletters, emails, investment games, events, videos and portfolio & fund tools. AJ Bell Media specialise in creating and hosting engaging bespoke content on behalf of financial services and media companies.


The true challenge of digital marketing isn’t drawing traffic to your website, but to keep people coming back. Our considerable pedigree in providing a constant flow of news, comment and analysis for our own publications ranging from a weekly magazine through to up to the minute websites means we are well placed to deliver quality content to meet your specific engagement goals. We derive content from our team of journalists; you may also need our in-house design and development team to produce high spec design and website coding.

Video is becoming an ever more crucial part of your marketing armoury, by 2018, video will account for 72% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Nielsen claims 64% of marketers expect video to dominate their strategies in the near future. When it comes to potential reach, video is peerless. We create high quality videos at our own in-house studio or at your own location.

Web Hosted Financial Data Solutions

Creating cost effective white label branded products which are hosted by us, supported by us and customised by us in your company branding!

  • Bond Prices
  • Brokers Forecasts
  • Company and Economic Diaries
  • Delayed Stock Quotes
  • Directors Dealings
  • Forex Prices
  • Fund Prices and Data
  • Heat Maps
  • Historic & Intraday Charts
  • iFramed products - Microcharts, Risers/Fallers
  • Live Level 2 Data
  • Live Stock Quotes
  • Market News
  • Market, Economic and Forex Newswires
  • Portfolio Tools
  • Price and News Alerts
  • RNS News Service
  • Stock Screeners
  • Trades & Sales
  • Watchlists
  • World Wide Indices
  • and much much more...


The hard part of successful digital marketing isn’t drawing an initial amount of attention to your website, but to keep people coming back. This means you will need a regular stream of relevant content, not just good content every so often. We derive our own content from our extensive team of journalists, you may need some or all of the following:

  • Researched stock and fund ideas
  • Financial education material
  • Daily, weekly or monthly market views
  • Live newswires (we deliver 150 stories a day)
  • Content for daily or weekly emails to clients

Fantasy Investment Games

A great way to engage clients and prospects in your brand is to apply game-design thinking to non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging. Gamification taps into the basic desires and needs of the users impulses which revolve around the idea of Competition, Achievement, Status and Community Collaboration. Rewards such as Badges and Points are used to elevate Status by showcasing the talents, expertise, and accomplishments of users. The competitive desire to appear on the leader board drives players to complete more tasks, in turn fuelling deeper engagement.

It is a proven service for customer marketing and retention but it does take resource and time to build. AJ Bell Media have the technical expertise to design, develop and administer games built around your brand in web, tablet and mobile formats including Facebook integration.

We have successfully built and hosted gaming projects for AJ Bell, Allianz Global Investors, The Daily Telegraph (in conjunction with J.P. Morgan Asset Management), Hargreaves Lansdown (The Big Deal), Skandia and Société Générale. The companies have all generated large numbers of potential new clients through the creative use of our competitions. To see our latest game in action go to: Shares magazine

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